Our Lay Ministry Team

Our Ministry Team consists of 9 Lay Pastoral Assistant’s, a Licensed Lay Minister and our Rector. Our Vision is to share in the Pastoral care of the whole Community.

‘Loving our neighbour’ is central to the gospels and to the work and witness of the church in our communities.

Trained and authorised lay people have an important part to play in the provision of pastoral care. In our Diocese such people are called Lay Pastoral Assistants.

They voluntarily work alongside their parish clergy ministering to people within the church and beyond in their journey through life. LPA’s become a ‘sign’ to us all, reminding us of the need to love and care for each other.

Jane Horton has kindly volunteered to help co-ordinate some of their work. Would you like a visit? Our LPA’s are trained in a variety of different aspects of pastoral care and will make time to call on anyone. Jane’s number is 01380 850684, she’ll be glad to put you in touch with someone.

Pam Evans has been Licensed as a Lay Minister. She is authorised by the Bishop to share in the Mission and Pastoral work of the Benefice, take Services and officiate at funerals.

Perhaps God is calling you to be a part of this lay ministry? If you’d like to talk further, have a chat with Philip