The Oldbury Community Chest

The Oldbury Community Chest is a discretionary fund to help folk in need throughout our five parishes. Some circumstances arise out of unforeseen crises, others are less serious. People have received a small gift or a bunch of flowers for the birth of a new baby or surgery, whilst others have received such things as a new bed to help cope with a disability.

The Chest contains cash and practical gifts, particularly items for small children and it is administered by our Rector, Rev’d Philip Bromiley, and overseen by a group of “trustees”, from the parishes.

On the fifth Sunday of each month, when people from all five parishes come together in one Service, the collection in Church is offered to contribute to the Community Chest. Local children are encouraged to bring something that could be passed on to others as well.

If anyone would like to give the Community Chest a boost, bring a donation along to the Service or contact the Vicar on 01249 820062.

If you know of a person or situation that might be in need of support, please have a word with Philip.